Let’s waste less, shall we?

  • Pupils learn to conduct interviews, select and evaluate important information, present their outcomes, become familiar with web-based communication and collaboration tools.
  • Teachers learn new ways of performing traditional tasks. The challenge is how to incorporate technology in our everyday teaching and hopefully make teaching and learning more fun.
  • Pupils make friends across Europe and develop skills for real life by exchanging ideas and values.
  • We intend to use synchronous and asynchronous ways of communication, first to break the ice between the pupils of the partner schools and then to introduce ourselves and our town. This can be done in March. Later, the pupils can work in teams, according to their interests and exploit how we can incorporate «reduce», «reuse», «recycle» in our everyday life.
  • The general idea is to use the twinspace to present some of the expected outcomes by the beginning of May (Short videos, photos describing the progress of the project, quizzes, games and posters)

Υπεύθυνες καθηγήτριες: κ.Κομνίδου και κ.Τσαταλμπασίδου